Sports Betting Champ Review

Can you really win with it?

Sports Betting Champ Review

Sports Betting Champ (available at is a program created by John Morrison, a PhD graduate in statistics at Cornell University. According to John, he has managed to find a code that will bring back a 90% win ratio for all bets made on NBA, MLB, and NFL games, the meat of all sports betting in the U.S. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these claims are probably false, but I looked into it anyway to find just how high a percentage of wins could be found using John’s program.

Purchasing The Program

You can only purchase Sports Betting Champ through their official website and sales page at If you scroll down to the end you will see a button that will take you to a secure page where you can pay using any major credit card, or PayPal. This is a great little bonus for anyone who knows the dangers of using credit cards online, and would rather not take the risk.

Once you have paid you will be given immediate access to the program, which features directions, explanations, and tips to using the Sports Betting Champ for the highest possible result. This is aimed at achieving the 90%+ winning rate that is supposedly possible using this betting system.

How It Works

I obviously can’t actually give a full rundown of the process that John Morrison has developed using his years as a sport’s fan and statistician. All I can say is it incorporates that experience in statistics to eliminate less likely scenarios for wins, and leave you with the highest betting probabilities. The result is that of any betting system, but I have to admit that the way you get there is pretty impressive. It is obvious that John spent a great deal of time and effort into cracking this code.Though in all honesty, it is not accurate to call it ‘cracking the code’ – a lot of the scenarios played out in a computerized model are the same ones the human mind would run through. What truly makes the system ‘tick’ is that it analyzes the ‘temporal’ scores for various scenarios together, many of which are too many, and too complex for a single individual to go through.

Actual Test

Gauging the results of using this program is difficult without long term analysis, obviously, because you have to factor in coincidence, final win ratios, and annual percentages of losses before you can know it is reaches its’ advertised 90%+ mark. There are a few things I can say from initial testing, however:

  • It manages to bring back high wins by using progressive betting, rather than a large number of bets per game.
  • It limits you down to one or two picks a week, in order to give you a greater chance of winning in a controlled bet, rather than spreading money in the hopes of making a hit.
  • It gives a significant increase to your chances of making money.
  • You will definitely see a higher than average win ratio – around 80% easily. In best scenarios, it is possible to reach around a 90% win ratio, but the advertised 97% seems to be either a primarily marketing tactic or a collection of selected numbers. I just cannot see how that is possible without some element of luck. Even so, it is clear that the system works.

In the end, it does seem to work effectively, and it is easy for anyone to use, even if they are not professional betters. Its’ unique way of using progressive betting with positive results makes it a different, but preferable, program to others I have seen out there. While you may not make the $90,000 in a day that he claims, you will at least be able to make a tidy little profit with Sports Betting Champ, and the best part is you will be doing it intelligently, not relying on chance.

Key Observations

Pros –

  • The progressive betting system has been found to be effective in the past.
  • His system is unique and seems to bring a higher number of wins than others.
  • You will likely see at least a 75% win rate, probably higher.
  • They take PayPal.
  • There is a money back guarantee.

Cons –

  • The advertised 90% – 97% win guarantee is ridiculous.
  • You would have to use the system for a great deal of time to show the true finishing result percentage, which I was unable to do. However, the initial results were very good.
  • The system is likely to perform at its best when applied by an experienced user, so even if you are using Sports Betting Champ, it is recommended that you educate yourself about the basic principles behind it. The included text based training is pretty good for this purpose.
Overall Rating : 8.9/10 – highly recommended, more so for those with a good grasp of the basic factors involved behind this. The money-back guarantee makes it a fail-safe purchase.

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